Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trip With Me

When you call my heart flutters
When you smile my mind stutters
I'm afraid of what this means
That it is not what it seams
Scared that you are not real
That this time I won't heal
I quake when you touch me
I quiver when your lips brush me
You seem to get me from the inside, out
You make me happy and you make me pout
The sound of your voice in song
Is what I hear all day long
I'm waiting for that other shoe
That when it drops you won't be you
Will you turn into someone different and strange
What would happen that could cause that change
Is it possible my worry is for nothing
That what we have really means something
Are we that fated and fabled pair
Is it true love together we share
Or is that word too much for now
I'll just step back and take a bow
And be thankful what we have is great
And observe this thing as we create
The Good and Bad, the Up and Down
The times we scowl and and the times we clown
So I'll take a hold with my tenacious grip
And walk beside you on this wondrous trip

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Unknown said...

This one is excellent. I like the endearing quality it holds

Poetry Sue said...

Thanks! I am always glad when some gets the emotion I put into my poems