Monday, January 5, 2009

Love. Hope.

Love is one of the best feelings, it brings you joy and peace. It makes the world a better place. Life is easier with Love. Love makes you see the beauty that is hidden all around us. Love is grand. But Love is a strange beast.

She smiles and lures you in with poetic words. She strokes you with a tender touch. She purrs when you lay your hands on her. She shows you her depths and tells you her secrets. Then without warning and in the blink of an eye, she leaves you cold and wanting. You find your bed, once full of passion and vigor, frigid and lifeless. Your soul, once alive and holding to the glory of the future, is left like a motherless child alone in a cold room looking around for the arms that once cradled it.

Love is like a drug dealer. He gets you hooked on the free samples. Then, he slowly increases your prices. And just when it seems that you can’t afford your next fix he hooks you up with another free sample. His drug is the best there is. It gets you high and makes you feel good. It doesn’t affect you but to make you want to be a better person. Your family encourages you to take more; they even help you to get it. Your friends applaud when you find your dealer. He gets you so hooked that you can’t even pass through a single day without at least a small dose. Then your dealer disappears, he vanishes in the mists of morning. You start to detox. You get the shakes and you lose control of your emotions. Your family rallies with your friends to keep you afloat. They flood you with their version of your preferred drug but it just isn’t the same.

Love doesn’t hurt. Love is soft and gentle; it cushions you from the pain of the world. It is the loss of Love that causes debilitating pain to course from your heart to every cell in your body. It is the absence of Love that makes it difficult to rise every morning.

But Hope is not lost when Love is. It may seem so in those first dark days. It feels as if there is nothing that will break through the despair that settles over you. Then that indomitable little spark once again begins to glow. Hope. It reaches out from the bleak future and pulls you forward. It illuminates you with a soft blue healing light, and you begin to see the world once again.

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