Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back Up Friend

When all the others are too busy for you

You always know that I'll come through

I don't worry when weeks go by

And you don't even call to say hi

I don't get jealous when you hang out with another

Nor when their kids call you their second mother

And when the time for me rolls around

You know where I can be found

Standing behind you with guns at the ready

Holding down the fort rock solid and steady

Being your friend is about being there

When none of the others seem to care

It's about being ok that I'm not first on the list

And that sometimes I'm not even missed

It's about the secrets that you've told me

And the trust that will always hold me

It's about letting you cry and all the while

It's about making you laugh and making you smile

It's all the years that have gone to the past

And knowing what's behind your public mask

Knowing exactly how to make you coffee

And not blinking twice when you turn down toffee

Its conversations, libations, and reincarnations

And when the day comes to an end

I know where I stand as your back-up friend

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