Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Keep Her Hungry

I do things to keep her hungry
But I never feed her
I don’t want to loser her but
I don’t want to keep her either
You see
I don’t see
What she see’s in me
She’s everything I wish a girl could be
I wish I could reciprocate the emotion
That she lays down, its like a potion
It makes me want to want her
It makes me want to flaunt her
But I can’t bring myself to do it
Its not fluid
Its doesn’t flow from me as likely
As it flows from her heart, you see
I friend-zoned her harder than JLaw did to Bradley.
But fuck man… fuck it solidly
Fuck it roundly into the square hole I created
Because one day this feeling of meh might be abated
Then she’ll be the girl I’ll need, the one fated
To bring me through my old age into the golden setting sun
In the meantime, she’s a load of fun
And I will
Do things to keep her hungry

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