Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A letter to Death

Dear Death,

You suck.

I know that meeting you is evitable
That you are unbiased and yet charitable
People cheat you all the time
So where is it that you draw the line?
You let an old mean bastard live to a hundred and one
Yet you take a happy couple's only son
Do you spin a wheel or draw a name from a hat?
Does Fate help you choose, 'cause if its a whim what's up with that?
How can you take a man with kids and a wife?
A man who had more to do with his life
What makes you choose a loving mother,
Over the bullet slinging brother?
Is there a formula that you devise and follow,
Or is it just a random formless hollow?
How can you take from me the ones I hold dear,
When there are others more deserving standing near?
Do you understand the grief you cause,
When you take someone before they should be lost?
It creates an anguish that can't be destroyed
It fills the soul with a painful void
No words or time will completely heal
The wounds of sorrow that I feel
It is said that eventually the pain will fade
But so much time has passed and I feel betrayed
Because the pain is still there
I'm afraid that it's something I cannot fair
There is only one being that I can blame
And it just happens to use Death for its name
I needed to write this letter
To see if it made me feel better

It didn't

you still suck

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Monday, February 2, 2009


Sleep is a fleeting imp whose illusion fails to enthrall me. Her delicate grasp on my unconscious mind is nothing to the tenacious grip of my ego onto the physical world. Her elusive spiral dance of mind and imaginings is a wisp of smoke to my stone state of physical reality. She is a lover seen only through a mask and so infrequently seen as to be almost a figment of my own imagination. She is glorious in all of her garments of the manifest unconsciousness. She brings with her dreams of beauty and love and of terrors to awful to be conceived by the waking mind. From her chariot of slumbering you can alight to the beginning of a new day or onto the verdant fields of the afterlife.

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You liar, you cheater, you thief
Oh you of the Golden Tongue of Deception
You stealer of faith
You betrayer of truth and justice
You deceiver of trust
You are the Cubic Zarconia of friends
The fool’s gold of confidants
The glass gem on comradeship
Your appearance so beautiful
So seemingly flawless
So perfect to the untrained eye
So complete is your ruse that
A master, an artisan, a professional
Would fall to your spell
But thou art also flawed
Thy belief in the lie
Thy need to betray and deceive
Thy want to spread misery and self doubt
Makes you blind to truth
Deaf to possibility
I am thy enemy
I am unadulterated truth
I am trust incarnate
I am exactly as you see me
Perfectly flawed
Flawlessly imperfect
A fresh breath of balance
For it is I who will triumph
Your duplicity will be your undoing
And it shall be my steadfastness that
Shall unbind thee
My faith and truth shall be
My strength is your weakness
Your strength is my platform
For I shall be as I am
My timeless security will ruin thy lie
My endurance is that of ages
Yours is but of moments
Your words will unravel
Against my cornerstone
My weave of truth and love
Is stronger than your web of lies
I am from the beginning
And I am that at the end
Yours is but a flash
To my brilliant shine
You would take that
Which is most precious to me
For that I will reign justice
Upon thy head
Mine is vengeance sworn
My honest words
And silent actions
Will destroy thee
I am thy murderer
And I shall be exalted for it

Veritas vos libertas

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Sunday, February 1, 2009


I want to seethe and scream
Inside is a raging inferno of anger
No water can quench the flames
No soothing song can quell the beast
Angry slaves build towers of rage
An ocean of bitter water roils in my breast
Wave after wave of wrath slams against my soul
The frenzy of temper beats in my mind
A frantic dance of madness swirls about me
Great billowing clouds of ire rise
The pace of my heart speeds with outrage
My muscles clench like a frustrated fist
Sweat slides down my hot tense neck
Vexation vibrates through my body
The need to lash out quivers in my hands
The vice of fury tightens around me

A single word
A solitary sound
A simple touch
A lone kiss

from you

and the tempest would abate
The beast would sleep
The rage would drain from within me
And I would be at peace again

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I am Here

I am here for you
I am here when you need me
I am here when you need totalk to someone
I am here when you don't need me
I am here when you want me

I need you
I need you when I'm sad
I need you when I'm happy
I need you when everything is fine
I need you when everyting has gone to shit
I need you to hold me
I need you to kiss me on the forhead and tell me everything is good
I need you when I don't need anything else
I need you like I need air and food
I need you like I need water
I need you even when I don't need you

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