Sunday, May 20, 2018

One brick at a time

E: Why does this keep happening?

M: I'm not sure. We learned to ignore the fake signs. We learned to never hold hope in a hopeless world. We even learned to be content with what we had and not search for more.

E: then how did this thing happen again? Why are we standing here rebuilding this fucking wall?

M: fuck man I don't really know. Shit. We should have known better.

E: that's it... After we get done with this one we are never looking back.. not even going to build a gate into this one.

M: agreed.

*Sometime later*

M: only a few more bricks to go... Wait...what was that?

E: what? I don't see anyth.... no. no. no. Not fucking happening

M: but what is It? looks friendly! OMG LOOK!

E: no

M: it has blue eyes

E: damn it. Keep it in the friend zone over there.

*More time has passed*

E: what the fuck is that sound?

M: it's knocking on the wall... It wants to come in.

E: no

M: oh come on. It's track record in the zone was perfect! There's no reason to keep it there...

E points to the bloody Carnage laying in the center of the courtyard.

M: but this one won't be like that.. it's a...

E: no

*Year pass in a flash*


M: I just made a little hole so it could see in. Then it said it could fix the mess. Look its really trying!

E: I don't think so... It looks like it's make it worse!

M: NO you don't understand! just go away... No one likes you and your cynical ways.

E walks away into the shadows.

*time marches onward*

Sobbing can be heard in the courtyard. M is laying next to the bloody mess and weeping into one of it's fleshy folds. E kneels down and pulls M up into it's lap.

E: it's ok. It'll be alright. We will start work on the wall again tomorrow.

M: I thought it would be different this time. We were friends first.

E: it's never different. They are all the same.

M: why is it so hard?

E: doesn't matter. Let's just take a break today and build the wall tomorrow.

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