Friday, October 24, 2008

I Need Your Kiss

I need your Kiss
Without you here, there is boredom and banality
I need your Kiss
During the day I survive by thinking of the finality
I need your Kiss
Wrapping myself in your arms so warm and strong
I need your Kiss
Closing my eyes and sinking into a jazz song
I need your Kiss
Swaying gently to the flow of the softly playing tune
I need your Kiss
There is no one but you and I in that back lit room
I need your Kiss
Laying my head upon your chest, hearing the beat
I need your Kiss
Smiling to myself for the moment is tender, sweet
I need your Kiss
Running my fingers through your sandy hair
I need your Kiss
Wishing for the prize we long to share
I need your Kiss
Gazing long and deep into those pools of blue
I need your Kiss
These are my thoughts when I think of you
I need your Kiss

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


We're sliding down a slippery slope
Too fast in mind, To slow for HOPE
Slicing into the "Already, I know you"
If you don't believe, come here I'll show you
So easy to fall, still afraid of the crash
Put back together, and ready for the lash
Thoughts running together, almost the same
The SOUL is too tired to play the game
How many times two, three of four
Until we are ready to further explore
This crazy strange connection we've made
That makes us each a little afraid
Both us playing the timid parts
Because of the scar tissue tracing our hearts
Too many times put through the emotional grinder
Then each lonely day became a harsh reminder
That sometimes the only way to fill the heart's hole
Is to find another tired bruised Soul
Patch each other as best you can
Then face the world and take a stand
Agree to be friends and I think only then
Can the healing of our SOULS truly begin
And one day we'll look and finally see
The bright shinning future built by you and me

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hope Floats

Your hands are are soft as they trip along my side. Yet I can feel the slight roughness of your palm as it slides down my thigh. Your warm solid chest is pressed to my back and I can feel your breath as it flutters through my hair. My head rests on your shoulder as we lay on the cloud of your bed, completely surrounded by pillows and down comforters. I can feel your heart beat against my spine. My eyes are closed. My breath quickens as you move your knee between my thighs, opening me for you questing fingers. Lightly they dance across my moistening inner thighs. As you shift away, my back is chilled and gooseflesh rises all over me. The tightening of my skin enhances the sensations of you. Without opening my eyes I can see your face. Your honest eyes and sun tipped hair, the cocky slant of your smile. The pressure of your hand rolls me to my back. I can feel you face so close to mine. I smile because I know you will kiss me. Your breath is hot on my lips, your hand is heavy on my breast. I open my eyes to watch you smile.....

And I find my self alone. Staring at the ceiling. My brain works at understanding why I am alone. Then, as the tumblers of a lock fall into place, the facts of my mind line up. You have never been here, I have never been there. I have never felt your lips touch mine. I have never been held by you like that. Because you chose her. You compared us, categorized us, and analyzed us. And though she broke your heart once before and played you till you were spent, you chose her. You smiled and patted me on the head and sent to my place. My place behind you as your friend.

In the beginning you made me feel special. In the beginning you warned me. But I held onto HOPE. And then she came back. She promised you everything I already had to give. She swore it would be better. And you, like a moth to the flame, gave yourself to her. I was left to float on my HOPE, which was quickly deflating. Now you smile at her like she is your world as she wounds you in a hundred thousand places. Now you smile at me like I am just one of the guys as I put band aids on the wounds you can not reach.

She loves you enough to waste your life, enough to wreck you, enough to keep you. I love you enough to save you, enough to pieces you together, enough to be your friend. Now I dream you of and wake alone, still clutching to my dwindling hope.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

About Me

I am short fat and white
I have big tits and I like to bite
Tie me down and eat me out
Make me cry and make me shout

I like to suck on juicy c*ck
I listen to classical, jazz, and hard rock
I do my kegels every morn
I like to watch hard core porn

I need a man who can make a choice
Without needing to hear his momma's voice
Are you ok that I make a lot of money?
Do you want to be my little honey?

I don't need a baby daddy
What I need is a shopping bag caddy
A man to dominate me in bed
Who doesn't mind that I like to give head

I like wot write poetry about my life
I don't want to be some jackass's wife
My girlfriends say that I am the best
I can eat pussy better than the rest

My friends all say the I should do stand-up
If you agree please put your hand up
This is the end of my little poem
Now it is time for me to go home

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Friday, October 17, 2008

2 for 1 Friday

Hello I'm Here! Can you see me?
I'm the little one, closest to the floor

Hello I'm Here! Can you hear me?
I'm the one knocking on your door

Hello I'm Here! Can you feel me?
I'm the one tugging on your shirt sleeve

Hello I'm Here! Can you taste me?
I'm the one who cries when you leave

Hello I'm Here! Can you smell me?
I'm the lavender and rose cloud you pass through as you make your way to her

Lost in physical feeling
Moments held most fleeting
Touch and taste are stealing
Need and want are meeting
Fire blazed and Water whetted
Earth moved and Air stumbled
Elements gained never regretted
Connections made sometimes fumbled
Forget not Present Past
Live on as Past before
New Future will not last
Present Past may come once more

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Weapon

I know of a weapon more powerful than any nuclear bomb
And it can be used by any Harry, Dick, or Tom
It has the power to destroy nations
And to restore public relations
It can get you sent to prison
Or send you on a religious mission
It's been around since ancient Sumer
And now it can to tell you if you have a tumor
With it I have the power to send you fantastic treks
Or turn you into quivering emotional wrecks
Show you lands you've never seen
Transform you into a dog, a bird, a beauty queen
It has the power to travel through time
Parallel park and stop on a dime
It has taken you into the dreams
Of the world' two most powerful Kings
One, the hope of Martin Luther
the other Stephen's twisted humor
If we had what was lost in Alexandria's fire
We could take ourselves even higher
I'll tell you how to build the device
That can be used for either naughty or nice
First take that which is mightier than the sword
And use it to tame that subconscious Horde
Then using the power of the children of trees
Line them up however you please
Show them off or speak their names
Keep them forever or burn them in flames
I'll tell you the name of my weapon of choice
To the deaf and the mute it is a powerful voice
You see there is nothing stronger in all the world
Than the power of the written word
Left alone on paper, in ink
By itself can cause a terrible stink
But give it the power of the vocal cord
And it becomes a deadly sword
Left alone in ink, on paper
Can make you laugh at some funny caper
But give it an action figure kung fu vocal grip
And it can make your mind tumble and trip
Yes I know of a weapon more powerful than any of the others
And I use it to help my sisters and brothers

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Divine Truth

Deep inside me a power burns
And everyday my souls yearns
To open up and let it out
To tell the world with a thunderous shout
To know I could say it with out remorse
To know that there would never be a recourse
To tell you who and what I really am
Without you returning with some slanderous slam
Religion to me is not about God's wrath
Religion to me is about becoming my own path
You see every step that I have taken
Has made me a better Pagan
I practice the craft, the way of the wise
Now open your mind and close your eyes
Nature's beauty and her forces
Have been the study of my courses
Light and Dark, Good and Bad
One without the other we never would have had
Goddess and God with out there is nothing
But together they create this greater something
Eight words my Wiccan Law fulfill
"And ye harm none, do what ye will"
About other religions I'll never talk trash
I think its beneath me, lower class
Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew
I don't care which one is right for you
Because all the worlds religions are just different routes
Leading us all to the same divine truths
Take care of your family and be a good friend
You only have you to answer to when it comes to the end.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To My Son

Before you lies a road of rocks
and at every turn intolerance blocks
You from becoming a man
So shed the cloak and take a stand
Against the hate of color and creed
And show this world that what they really need

Is to look up high
Into the sky
And always remember they can learn how to fly

Your legacy spans 4 generations
Bringing together 2 very different nations
A little Italian Irish lad
Lets not ever get you really mad
Some of your family stills talk with a lilt
And others still walk with a mafia tilt
Heritage my son you have in spades
And if the memory of that ever fades

Just look up high
Into the sky
And always remember you can learn how to fly

I hope you grow to be color blind
And to have an open mind I can only show you how to act
When others walk up without any tact
Just hold your head up strong and true
And others will learn to follow you
Lead them down the road less travelled
Then the path to hate will come unravelled

And look up high
Into the sky
And always remember the we can learn how to fly

Always question those in power
Never bend and never cower
Don't believe anything you hear
And don't let your life be controlled by fear
Extend your hand to someone with less
And then you life will truly be blessed
Eight words in life that you must fulfill
And it harm none, do what you will

Then look up high
Into the sky
And always remember you can learn how to fly

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Monday, October 13, 2008

An Apology

I'm sorry I'm a poet
I'm sorry I'm a dreamer
I'm sorry I'm a hopeless romantic sliding towards the abyss and still waiting for my knight in shining armor to save me
I'm sorry your not him
I'm sorry for the ruined friendship
I'm sorry for the tension between us
I'm sorry that things won't ever be the same again
I'm sorry I'm trapped in my cage with so many different locks
I'm sorry you don't have any of the keys
I'm sorry I projected my image of the perfect man on you
I'm sorry you have so many of the qualities I want
I'm sorry I'm not the woman you want
I'm sorry that I want to be
I'm sorry I wrote those words
I'm sorry that you read them
I'm sorry that the few precious moments we had will be the only ones
I'm sorry that one day I'll get over you
I'm sorry for the way I feel
But don't feel sorry for me
I feel sorry enough for the both of us
I'm sorry I'm a poet
I'm sorry I'm a dreamer

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Friday, October 10, 2008


You speak on inequality as if your the only one
Whose looks keep you from being a top gun
You say your heritage and beliefs are not accepted by others
You only have friends among your sisters and brothers
You say the color of your skin has kept you out of the loop
Your living situation was like a chicken coop
You say you have a mind that is a terrible thing to waste
But you can't be helped, only place

Now listen to me as my words spill out
And maybe you'll learn why I like to shout
To be short fat and white

Sitting alone in the back of the class
Trying not to draw attention, just trying to pass
Then the teacher makes you move in closer
And everyone thinks your a smart ass poser
Dressing like a boy and never wearing make-up
Because mom couldn't care enough to show you how to fake it
Two little sisters with no one to guide them
When dad gets drunk its me who hides them
Yeah, growing up was faster for me
Being the oldest of us three
Making lunches and cooking dinner
Making sure they never got any thinner
Doing the shopping and making the lists
Now remember I was only 13 and had no tits

Now imagine as I got older
Things got worse the started to smolder
School was easy and I was bored
And all the girls around me were being whores
The pregnant girl got a special class
That bitch graduated without needing to pass
I tried to rise above my poverty capers
Filling out all those massive papers
I applied at big colleges and little ones too
Trying on that scholarship shoe
But I never did find the one that fit
Because you have to be "different" to get that shit
Parents make too much for aid
To little for the bills to get paid
Caucasian, short and female to boot
Do you think those grant givers could even give a hoot

Its ok for you to be hippy and thick
but they say on me, it only looks sick
Go ahead and practice your voodoo
Who speaks in tongues, that's right you do
But does anyone look at you funny?
No, but I've been fired...twice....for religion honey

Molested, beaten I have even known rape
And yet I have never given up on my fate
I am stronger than you can see
I have risen above my poverty
I never did make it to university
Not public, not private, not even fucking community
But I made sure my sisters went
I tutored them till my mind was spent
I taught them values and the meaning of hard work
I taught them how to make a killer roast pork

Now look at me I'm 28
My son is only 3 isn't that great
I have never been on welfare, never on WIC
I just don't have time for that shit
I work 40 or more hours a week
I have no time
To stand in line
Looking bleak

I think I have done rather well
To rise above my earlier hell
And yet still I am sad to see
People who started out just like me
Creative, smart, with potential to spare
Who fell through the crack because no one could care
Just another statistic they say
Or he's white, she's asian, they'll be ok
But you see I find
That if you close your eyes and open your mind
You'll see that it's not the color of your skin
What matters is the person within

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Moment

The moment we had was fleeting but true
I know I could only have had it with you
My only beacon in the dark cold night
Is when my mind takes fantastic flight
Thoughts of lands so far away
A wish that there could be one more day
Falling into Love's sweet embrace
A touch of hope and lasting grace
Flying on silken gossamer wings
Wading into magical springs
Seeing dream turned reality
Touching the impossibility
In my heart the fantasy reigns
But in my mind the reality pains
I know what we have is sweet
But there is an end that we must meet
I live for the hope that forever we'll be
But I can't see past you and me
There's another world outside our door
One that we can't escape anymore
Don't think that my heart is breaking
Because it's the moment that we are making
Memories of you holding me near
Chasing away my biggest fear
The strength that you have lent
Is more than any have ever spent
Know, that when I find love true
I'll see it because of you
Don't forget the past we've made
Sharing secrets in the old oak shade
Trading tales of future glory
Weaving our own fantasy story
So read the chapter and remember it well
And never forget our sweet love spell
In the book the page will turn
Hope and love was our lesson to learn
But on life's outward spin
We may yet meet again
And start a sequel to the first
Maybe add a poetry verse
Who knows to where we go
As we follow life's meandering flow
Just keep it close to your heart
And eve after we dearly depart
Together we will always have
The moment we shared on life's strange path

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Lion and the Lady

The Lion and the Lady were quite an unlikely pair
He was dark and majestic, she was small and fair
He travelled the world breaking all of man's laws
She stayed at home becoming one with the gods
But a single day's chance, the need to share fire
Sparked a mutual interest, a reciprocal desire
With honeyed words and a passionate touch
The Lion led the Lady into searing lust
It started out from the very first
As a way to quench the carnal thirst
But what neither could see, what neither could know
Was how their passion would blossom and grow
As the first tender shoot through the earth will shove
Grew the first wispy tendrils of an emotion called Love
Days drifted by and they played their parts
Sharing their minds and opening their hearts
But the Lady was afraid that it wasn't enough
And the Lion worried that it was too much
Still pursued by gallant knights
Promising safety and romantic rites
The Lady left the Lion in his den
She was off to be wooed by other men
But no one warned her of shining knights with golden hair
That a woman's heart they would not handle with care
Deeper and deeper she felt bereft
As one by one the shining knights left
Now, you see, she is no longer small and fair
No longer alone but part of a pair
Years have passed and every now and then
The Lady thinks of the Lion in his den
Does he still sing, does he still dance
Is there even the smallest chance
Through life does he still rush head in the wind
Living it as if it will never end
And she wonders oh she wonders
If she had stayed inside the Lions deep covers
Would she have remained an respected Lady
And not a tarnished woman with a handsome baby

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Warning Signs

I need to put a sign right there
That says “Caution: fragile, handle with care”
Maybe I should hand out little notes
With everything about me put in quotes
“Likes to read and write and laugh
Puts everything in plus time and a half”
“Easily trusting and ready to listen
With soft brown hair and blue eyes that glisten”
“Sometimes talks a little too much
Likes to be treated with a tender soft touch”
“Patience is virtue number one
Completely in love with her only son”
“Totally comfortable with her weight
And still looking for that fabled soul mate”
“Tries not to judge on first sight
Knows the difference between wrong and right”
“Tough as nails and soft as satin
Knows a few words in ancient Latin”
“Keeps the peace in family affairs
Tracks the details with out splitting hairs”
“Likes to keep her eyes on the prize
Respects her elders as learned and wise”
But above all others, I should say
Is to keep one on me every day
Pin it to my shirt right there
“Caution: fragile, handle with care”

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Monday, October 6, 2008


Round and round it goes
Where it stops no one knows
That’s life’s spiraling wheel
It has the power to hurt and the power to heal
Everyone’s trek isn’t the same
Just as everyone calls it by a different name
Spiraling through loves, passions, and hates
Playing our hand as dealt by the fates
Some with the flush and some with a pair
Some with a hard life and some with the fair
One is a Muslim the other a Jew
Everyone arguing over which one is true
Red, Yellow, Black and White
Killing each other to prove which is right
This is mine and that is yours
We own everything that walks on all fours
Trees have no meaning they’re just for decoration
Did you forget that tress will be our salvation?
A million and one baby daddies and mamas
We are all just living in our own daytime dramas
They say getting older is just a disease
That can be cured with gels, creams, and surgeries
Being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys
Except to the mom who drowned her little boys
The teen gone bad and dealing in the hood
Grew up to realize that life can be good
The poor single mom trying to make ends meet
Falls in love with a prince and swept off her feet
The rich man who loses it all in the crash
Now finding dinner in someone’s trash
The woman whose beauty inspires
Killed by a man for his carnal desires
To some it’s a blessing to others it’s viral
The path we take on life’s crazy spiral

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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Girl in the Corner

Everyday you see her sitting in the same spot. Pen in hand, notebook on her lap. What does she write that must be given so much attention? Is it a journal, a poem, a story, a thesis on the human attitude toward literary science? Over and over you play these thoughts in your head, all the while dissecting her appearance. Long hair pulled up in a ponytail, reading glasses sliding down her nose. A t-shirt that just barely shows off the feminine line of her torso and dark blue jeans that hang shapelessly from her hips. Her shoes are worn and comfortable looking. Her skin is fair and clear of any blemishes other than the slight freckles that dust her nose and cheeks. Her ears are like delicate pink porcelain when the sun shines through them. Her mouth is proportioned well, with a bow shaped upper lip and a slightly fuller bottom lip. Occasionally her tongue darts out to wet those lips. You have never seen her eyes because every time you walk by her head is lowered or her eyes are closed in concentration. However, you suspect that that they are a lightly darker shade of the mousy brown of her hair. To you she seems plain and unremarkable. Everyday you have seen her and every day she is the same. Only the color of her clothes changes. Until today, today is special. Today you took a moment to sit down and relax. You sat on a bench across from her corner. You have been looking at her without seeing her. Then, a movement. Slowly her head tilts up and briefly the sun glints from her glasses before she takes them off. She smiles and you see the slow curve of her lips. Her tongue lingers for a fraction of a second as she wets her lips this time. There is an astonishing sexuality about the moment that causes you to raise your gaze to look her in the eyes. And behold, you find yourself drowning the dark lagoon depths of her sapphire eyes. There is a movement in their depths like a serpent in the sea, and you recognize it as amusement. Stunned at the humor showing on her face you stare slack-jawed, because before what you thought was a mousy brown slightly weird girl in the corner has, in the simple act of smiling and making eye contact, transformed into a creature of controlled sensuality. With a low chuckle she speaks to you in a sinfully sensuous and husky voice, she tells you:
“What treasures we find when we take the time to stop and enjoy the day”

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