Monday, October 20, 2008

About Me

I am short fat and white
I have big tits and I like to bite
Tie me down and eat me out
Make me cry and make me shout

I like to suck on juicy c*ck
I listen to classical, jazz, and hard rock
I do my kegels every morn
I like to watch hard core porn

I need a man who can make a choice
Without needing to hear his momma's voice
Are you ok that I make a lot of money?
Do you want to be my little honey?

I don't need a baby daddy
What I need is a shopping bag caddy
A man to dominate me in bed
Who doesn't mind that I like to give head

I like wot write poetry about my life
I don't want to be some jackass's wife
My girlfriends say that I am the best
I can eat pussy better than the rest

My friends all say the I should do stand-up
If you agree please put your hand up
This is the end of my little poem
Now it is time for me to go home

all works posted here are copyrighted

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