Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Lion and the Lady

The Lion and the Lady were quite an unlikely pair
He was dark and majestic, she was small and fair
He travelled the world breaking all of man's laws
She stayed at home becoming one with the gods
But a single day's chance, the need to share fire
Sparked a mutual interest, a reciprocal desire
With honeyed words and a passionate touch
The Lion led the Lady into searing lust
It started out from the very first
As a way to quench the carnal thirst
But what neither could see, what neither could know
Was how their passion would blossom and grow
As the first tender shoot through the earth will shove
Grew the first wispy tendrils of an emotion called Love
Days drifted by and they played their parts
Sharing their minds and opening their hearts
But the Lady was afraid that it wasn't enough
And the Lion worried that it was too much
Still pursued by gallant knights
Promising safety and romantic rites
The Lady left the Lion in his den
She was off to be wooed by other men
But no one warned her of shining knights with golden hair
That a woman's heart they would not handle with care
Deeper and deeper she felt bereft
As one by one the shining knights left
Now, you see, she is no longer small and fair
No longer alone but part of a pair
Years have passed and every now and then
The Lady thinks of the Lion in his den
Does he still sing, does he still dance
Is there even the smallest chance
Through life does he still rush head in the wind
Living it as if it will never end
And she wonders oh she wonders
If she had stayed inside the Lions deep covers
Would she have remained an respected Lady
And not a tarnished woman with a handsome baby

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