Monday, October 6, 2008


Round and round it goes
Where it stops no one knows
That’s life’s spiraling wheel
It has the power to hurt and the power to heal
Everyone’s trek isn’t the same
Just as everyone calls it by a different name
Spiraling through loves, passions, and hates
Playing our hand as dealt by the fates
Some with the flush and some with a pair
Some with a hard life and some with the fair
One is a Muslim the other a Jew
Everyone arguing over which one is true
Red, Yellow, Black and White
Killing each other to prove which is right
This is mine and that is yours
We own everything that walks on all fours
Trees have no meaning they’re just for decoration
Did you forget that tress will be our salvation?
A million and one baby daddies and mamas
We are all just living in our own daytime dramas
They say getting older is just a disease
That can be cured with gels, creams, and surgeries
Being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys
Except to the mom who drowned her little boys
The teen gone bad and dealing in the hood
Grew up to realize that life can be good
The poor single mom trying to make ends meet
Falls in love with a prince and swept off her feet
The rich man who loses it all in the crash
Now finding dinner in someone’s trash
The woman whose beauty inspires
Killed by a man for his carnal desires
To some it’s a blessing to others it’s viral
The path we take on life’s crazy spiral

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