Friday, October 3, 2008

The Girl in the Corner

Everyday you see her sitting in the same spot. Pen in hand, notebook on her lap. What does she write that must be given so much attention? Is it a journal, a poem, a story, a thesis on the human attitude toward literary science? Over and over you play these thoughts in your head, all the while dissecting her appearance. Long hair pulled up in a ponytail, reading glasses sliding down her nose. A t-shirt that just barely shows off the feminine line of her torso and dark blue jeans that hang shapelessly from her hips. Her shoes are worn and comfortable looking. Her skin is fair and clear of any blemishes other than the slight freckles that dust her nose and cheeks. Her ears are like delicate pink porcelain when the sun shines through them. Her mouth is proportioned well, with a bow shaped upper lip and a slightly fuller bottom lip. Occasionally her tongue darts out to wet those lips. You have never seen her eyes because every time you walk by her head is lowered or her eyes are closed in concentration. However, you suspect that that they are a lightly darker shade of the mousy brown of her hair. To you she seems plain and unremarkable. Everyday you have seen her and every day she is the same. Only the color of her clothes changes. Until today, today is special. Today you took a moment to sit down and relax. You sat on a bench across from her corner. You have been looking at her without seeing her. Then, a movement. Slowly her head tilts up and briefly the sun glints from her glasses before she takes them off. She smiles and you see the slow curve of her lips. Her tongue lingers for a fraction of a second as she wets her lips this time. There is an astonishing sexuality about the moment that causes you to raise your gaze to look her in the eyes. And behold, you find yourself drowning the dark lagoon depths of her sapphire eyes. There is a movement in their depths like a serpent in the sea, and you recognize it as amusement. Stunned at the humor showing on her face you stare slack-jawed, because before what you thought was a mousy brown slightly weird girl in the corner has, in the simple act of smiling and making eye contact, transformed into a creature of controlled sensuality. With a low chuckle she speaks to you in a sinfully sensuous and husky voice, she tells you:
“What treasures we find when we take the time to stop and enjoy the day”

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