Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wake Up

You have no idea the power you hold
To trap a man's heart and then enfold
You can chew them up and swallow them down
Then vomit them back with a nasty frown
And still the crawl back with heads hung low
Hoping to take part in another show
They want to love you, and hold you close at night
You are the only woman in their sight
Beauty for them is all that you are
You suck them back like a black hole star
But scorn the emotion that they cherish
As if at its touch your ego will perish
You strive to be independent and strong
But the way you do it is so very wrong
You want to make it on your own
To pretend to be mature and grown
To handle all your woes and cares
But then your on all the state's welfares
You get stamps and checks in the mail
You clog the system with your paper trail
Then you have the audacious balls
To ask for money for the shopping malls
You need Coach shoes and a Vendi bag
But forget it you gold digging hag
You can't have it both ways
Independent with someone paying for the days
Wake up and see what it should be like
Working together like a tandem bike
When he steps forward so do you
When he falls you fall too
You share your kisses and tiny smiles
Together you walk a thousand miles
But you see it differently, slightly askew
They give every step, fall, kiss and smile to you
A thousand miles plus a thousand more
You make them walk till they hit the floor
But nothing they do, no words that they pitch
Can make you stop being a selfish bitch
One day you will make to see
Independent and alone is what you'll be
No one to love you as you crave
Slipping unnoticed to an early grave
So wake up now before it's too late
Or you will fall prey to your predicted fate

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