Monday, October 21, 2019

Bleeding heart

You reached past my facade and gripped my bleeding heart
You drew it into the light revealing its darkened part
You showered my starved soul with words of intention
You promised whispered nights of gentle affection

I believed the dulcet tones that spoke of gazing stars
I longed for the steady rhythm of long distance cars
I swilled gallons of brewed searching phrases
I weaved about in the your inner mazes

We fell not into the danger of love
We fell not from the sky above
We did fall from a greater height
We succumbed to predictable plight

You saw the truth of my bleeding pieces
You saw me through some great releases
You saw the breaks in my careful face
You left in the middle of the plodding race

I crashed through the earth's mantle
I pretended my mountain was an anthill
I gasped and searched for breathable air
I chewed through to release the snare

We stopped
We dropped
We quit
We ended it

Now there is no you
Now there is no two
only I and my bleeding heart

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