Sunday, February 1, 2009


I want to seethe and scream
Inside is a raging inferno of anger
No water can quench the flames
No soothing song can quell the beast
Angry slaves build towers of rage
An ocean of bitter water roils in my breast
Wave after wave of wrath slams against my soul
The frenzy of temper beats in my mind
A frantic dance of madness swirls about me
Great billowing clouds of ire rise
The pace of my heart speeds with outrage
My muscles clench like a frustrated fist
Sweat slides down my hot tense neck
Vexation vibrates through my body
The need to lash out quivers in my hands
The vice of fury tightens around me

A single word
A solitary sound
A simple touch
A lone kiss

from you

and the tempest would abate
The beast would sleep
The rage would drain from within me
And I would be at peace again

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