Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A letter to Death

Dear Death,

You suck.

I know that meeting you is evitable
That you are unbiased and yet charitable
People cheat you all the time
So where is it that you draw the line?
You let an old mean bastard live to a hundred and one
Yet you take a happy couple's only son
Do you spin a wheel or draw a name from a hat?
Does Fate help you choose, 'cause if its a whim what's up with that?
How can you take a man with kids and a wife?
A man who had more to do with his life
What makes you choose a loving mother,
Over the bullet slinging brother?
Is there a formula that you devise and follow,
Or is it just a random formless hollow?
How can you take from me the ones I hold dear,
When there are others more deserving standing near?
Do you understand the grief you cause,
When you take someone before they should be lost?
It creates an anguish that can't be destroyed
It fills the soul with a painful void
No words or time will completely heal
The wounds of sorrow that I feel
It is said that eventually the pain will fade
But so much time has passed and I feel betrayed
Because the pain is still there
I'm afraid that it's something I cannot fair
There is only one being that I can blame
And it just happens to use Death for its name
I needed to write this letter
To see if it made me feel better

It didn't

you still suck

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Linda said...

I have often thought the same. Thought provoking verse,beautifully written Lindax

Poetry Sue said...

Thank you. So far everyone I know who has lost someone close to them has relayed on or more of these sentiments to me. in the light of the death of a friend of a friend which has caused so much grief i was moved to express the emotions that they themselves can't express.

Tamara said...

You really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Unknown said...

If only death could read your letter, he just might change. I WAS beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

I liked it I really liked it ;-)K.f.

Unknown said...

It is perfect. Beautifully written. Just perfect. VC

Unknown said...

It is perfect. Beautifully written. Just perfect. VC