Monday, March 30, 2009

The Gift

The greatest gift I can give you is pity
Knocking around thinking your true in sin city
Confident that you can offer something new
All I can feel is pity for you
You live in this cloud that makes you think
That somehow, someway your shit don't stink
The image of you, a special and different being
Is what you think the world is seeing
But we all see through your careful facade
That your "gentle" is actually sullen and roughshod
And though I fell victim to your old game
Its not you, but me that I blame
Now thats done and my hands are gritty
The only gift I can give you is pity

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Claremont First Ward said...

SOunds like someone wasn't very nice. I LOVED this! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments for my guest bloggers while I was away!