Friday, April 17, 2009

FF55 #2

Love at first site is not a myth
I have experienced it
I have seen it working first hand
And I know that it doesn’t mean a thing
You can know that life will be perfect with them
And they can know it too
Yet still they walk away
And you are left waiting for…

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Akelamalu said...

I know love at first sight happens - I have experienced it and it has lasted. I'm sorry your's hasn't. A very poignant 55 well told.

Mine's up too.

g-man said...

The Thunderbolt!!!!

Excellent 55 Sue....

Maybe you should hitherto be known as 55 Sue...:P

Thank You so much for humoring me, I hope you have fun doing this...G

Mona said...

it is true, yet even if one of you has doubts then the other one is left waiting for...

Dr.John said...

But what are we left waiting for?
Excelent flash 55
Mine is up.