Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Sis

It has been a joy to watch you grow
From a colicky baby to the woman I know now
I remember clear that cold winter night
When you gave mom such an awful fright
The docotrs though you would be sick, surely
For you were coming way to early
But with your first breath you let the world know
That you would bring trouble where ever you go
Quickly the years sped by
And you learned to use that effective cry
And when you knew that we would linger
You wrapped us around your little finger
Growing up we moved alot
It seemed we would never find our spot
Then we landed in the CIty of Sin
And we started life all over again
From Kindergarten to Graduation
I watched you blossom with fascination
I am so proud of all you do
Though the words I say it with are so very few
Life with out you wold be amiss
I love you bunches Baby Sis

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