Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ode to my Family

Short, feisty and pale
Describes me family rather well
I learned my Irish brogue
From me great Granny the rogue
Who smoked and drank wine
Till the ripe old age of ninety-nine
I'd like to go out like me Granny B
Cigarette in one hand bottle in the other shoutin' "WHEEEEE!"
I'd like to age gracefully like me Granny M
Flippin' off other drivers yellin' "Fuck'em!"
Then there's me aunts who likes to play darts
When e'er there's a bulls-eye one of them farts
And me own dear sweet Mam
Turnin' fifty and dating again
With a stogey in one hand and Stoli in the other
Who could ask for a better mother?
And me sweet younger sis
Full of vinegar and piss
Five foot nothing and pencil thin
Busted a bitch's face open with only her shin
I don't know much about me great grandfathers
Only that they were outlasted by me great grandmothers
Me Granny M is married to me Gran-pa Al
Turning eighty and still me drinkin' pal
Me uncles are a lively bunch
Guinness and Jameson is their preferred lunch
And me poor dear dad
Divorced me mother, lost half of what he had
And last but not least, me own little boy
Who thinks his wanger is the perfect toy
When I think of me family me eyes get quite misty
O' course it could also just be the whiskey

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