Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Now Ladies we must admit
We have done a fair amount of this manbashing shit
Putting them down and kicking their balls
Pinning their dicks to poetic walls
Assigning them to the ranks of thugs and players
Calling the cheats, dogs and ... Vagina Haters
Of assholes I'll say I've seen my share
But I have also met the few that really care
I know you've seen them too
Those strong and caring few
They are like that elusive flavor
That makes the dish one to savor
You can't say just what it is
Only if you weren't looking its something you'd miss
You look around and all you see
Are guys who will take you on a fucking spree
They use you up like a circular rubber
Hoping to God you don't become a mother
Ad if you do get knocked up
It seems their cellphone is always locked up
So instead of grabbing those sharp dressed swines
Take a moment and read between the lines
Next time you go out take a look around the club
Do you see anyone you could really love?
Step away fro the martini glass
Pull down your skirt and cover your ass
And Turn down that next raving invite
Instead bop on over to an open mic night
Then look around, you know what you'll see
Men who want more mind than pussy
Do something you would never dare
And talk to the guy with the fucked up hair
Stop looking for the man you usually seek
And go find yourself a computer geek
Why do nice guy always finish last?
Is a line every nice guy has asked
So quit your whinin' and your bitchin'
Just look around and see you what you're missin'
Ladies, the moral of the story is very plain
We are at fault for all our man pain.

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