Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Warning Signs

I need to put a sign right there
That says “Caution: fragile, handle with care”
Maybe I should hand out little notes
With everything about me put in quotes
“Likes to read and write and laugh
Puts everything in plus time and a half”
“Easily trusting and ready to listen
With soft brown hair and blue eyes that glisten”
“Sometimes talks a little too much
Likes to be treated with a tender soft touch”
“Patience is virtue number one
Completely in love with her only son”
“Totally comfortable with her weight
And still looking for that fabled soul mate”
“Tries not to judge on first sight
Knows the difference between wrong and right”
“Tough as nails and soft as satin
Knows a few words in ancient Latin”
“Keeps the peace in family affairs
Tracks the details with out splitting hairs”
“Likes to keep her eyes on the prize
Respects her elders as learned and wise”
But above all others, I should say
Is to keep one on me every day
Pin it to my shirt right there
“Caution: fragile, handle with care”

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