Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Divine Truth

Deep inside me a power burns
And everyday my souls yearns
To open up and let it out
To tell the world with a thunderous shout
To know I could say it with out remorse
To know that there would never be a recourse
To tell you who and what I really am
Without you returning with some slanderous slam
Religion to me is not about God's wrath
Religion to me is about becoming my own path
You see every step that I have taken
Has made me a better Pagan
I practice the craft, the way of the wise
Now open your mind and close your eyes
Nature's beauty and her forces
Have been the study of my courses
Light and Dark, Good and Bad
One without the other we never would have had
Goddess and God with out there is nothing
But together they create this greater something
Eight words my Wiccan Law fulfill
"And ye harm none, do what ye will"
About other religions I'll never talk trash
I think its beneath me, lower class
Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew
I don't care which one is right for you
Because all the worlds religions are just different routes
Leading us all to the same divine truths
Take care of your family and be a good friend
You only have you to answer to when it comes to the end.

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