Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Moment

The moment we had was fleeting but true
I know I could only have had it with you
My only beacon in the dark cold night
Is when my mind takes fantastic flight
Thoughts of lands so far away
A wish that there could be one more day
Falling into Love's sweet embrace
A touch of hope and lasting grace
Flying on silken gossamer wings
Wading into magical springs
Seeing dream turned reality
Touching the impossibility
In my heart the fantasy reigns
But in my mind the reality pains
I know what we have is sweet
But there is an end that we must meet
I live for the hope that forever we'll be
But I can't see past you and me
There's another world outside our door
One that we can't escape anymore
Don't think that my heart is breaking
Because it's the moment that we are making
Memories of you holding me near
Chasing away my biggest fear
The strength that you have lent
Is more than any have ever spent
Know, that when I find love true
I'll see it because of you
Don't forget the past we've made
Sharing secrets in the old oak shade
Trading tales of future glory
Weaving our own fantasy story
So read the chapter and remember it well
And never forget our sweet love spell
In the book the page will turn
Hope and love was our lesson to learn
But on life's outward spin
We may yet meet again
And start a sequel to the first
Maybe add a poetry verse
Who knows to where we go
As we follow life's meandering flow
Just keep it close to your heart
And eve after we dearly depart
Together we will always have
The moment we shared on life's strange path

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