Friday, October 17, 2008

2 for 1 Friday

Hello I'm Here! Can you see me?
I'm the little one, closest to the floor

Hello I'm Here! Can you hear me?
I'm the one knocking on your door

Hello I'm Here! Can you feel me?
I'm the one tugging on your shirt sleeve

Hello I'm Here! Can you taste me?
I'm the one who cries when you leave

Hello I'm Here! Can you smell me?
I'm the lavender and rose cloud you pass through as you make your way to her

Lost in physical feeling
Moments held most fleeting
Touch and taste are stealing
Need and want are meeting
Fire blazed and Water whetted
Earth moved and Air stumbled
Elements gained never regretted
Connections made sometimes fumbled
Forget not Present Past
Live on as Past before
New Future will not last
Present Past may come once more

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