Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Weapon

I know of a weapon more powerful than any nuclear bomb
And it can be used by any Harry, Dick, or Tom
It has the power to destroy nations
And to restore public relations
It can get you sent to prison
Or send you on a religious mission
It's been around since ancient Sumer
And now it can to tell you if you have a tumor
With it I have the power to send you fantastic treks
Or turn you into quivering emotional wrecks
Show you lands you've never seen
Transform you into a dog, a bird, a beauty queen
It has the power to travel through time
Parallel park and stop on a dime
It has taken you into the dreams
Of the world' two most powerful Kings
One, the hope of Martin Luther
the other Stephen's twisted humor
If we had what was lost in Alexandria's fire
We could take ourselves even higher
I'll tell you how to build the device
That can be used for either naughty or nice
First take that which is mightier than the sword
And use it to tame that subconscious Horde
Then using the power of the children of trees
Line them up however you please
Show them off or speak their names
Keep them forever or burn them in flames
I'll tell you the name of my weapon of choice
To the deaf and the mute it is a powerful voice
You see there is nothing stronger in all the world
Than the power of the written word
Left alone on paper, in ink
By itself can cause a terrible stink
But give it the power of the vocal cord
And it becomes a deadly sword
Left alone in ink, on paper
Can make you laugh at some funny caper
But give it an action figure kung fu vocal grip
And it can make your mind tumble and trip
Yes I know of a weapon more powerful than any of the others
And I use it to help my sisters and brothers

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