Friday, October 10, 2008


You speak on inequality as if your the only one
Whose looks keep you from being a top gun
You say your heritage and beliefs are not accepted by others
You only have friends among your sisters and brothers
You say the color of your skin has kept you out of the loop
Your living situation was like a chicken coop
You say you have a mind that is a terrible thing to waste
But you can't be helped, only place

Now listen to me as my words spill out
And maybe you'll learn why I like to shout
To be short fat and white

Sitting alone in the back of the class
Trying not to draw attention, just trying to pass
Then the teacher makes you move in closer
And everyone thinks your a smart ass poser
Dressing like a boy and never wearing make-up
Because mom couldn't care enough to show you how to fake it
Two little sisters with no one to guide them
When dad gets drunk its me who hides them
Yeah, growing up was faster for me
Being the oldest of us three
Making lunches and cooking dinner
Making sure they never got any thinner
Doing the shopping and making the lists
Now remember I was only 13 and had no tits

Now imagine as I got older
Things got worse the started to smolder
School was easy and I was bored
And all the girls around me were being whores
The pregnant girl got a special class
That bitch graduated without needing to pass
I tried to rise above my poverty capers
Filling out all those massive papers
I applied at big colleges and little ones too
Trying on that scholarship shoe
But I never did find the one that fit
Because you have to be "different" to get that shit
Parents make too much for aid
To little for the bills to get paid
Caucasian, short and female to boot
Do you think those grant givers could even give a hoot

Its ok for you to be hippy and thick
but they say on me, it only looks sick
Go ahead and practice your voodoo
Who speaks in tongues, that's right you do
But does anyone look at you funny?
No, but I've been fired...twice....for religion honey

Molested, beaten I have even known rape
And yet I have never given up on my fate
I am stronger than you can see
I have risen above my poverty
I never did make it to university
Not public, not private, not even fucking community
But I made sure my sisters went
I tutored them till my mind was spent
I taught them values and the meaning of hard work
I taught them how to make a killer roast pork

Now look at me I'm 28
My son is only 3 isn't that great
I have never been on welfare, never on WIC
I just don't have time for that shit
I work 40 or more hours a week
I have no time
To stand in line
Looking bleak

I think I have done rather well
To rise above my earlier hell
And yet still I am sad to see
People who started out just like me
Creative, smart, with potential to spare
Who fell through the crack because no one could care
Just another statistic they say
Or he's white, she's asian, they'll be ok
But you see I find
That if you close your eyes and open your mind
You'll see that it's not the color of your skin
What matters is the person within

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Unknown said...

Wow. Simply amazing. It makes me want to maul you, steal you so you can perform it for me lmao. Really good stuff... what can I say I'm a slut for peotry. Kadden