Thursday, October 23, 2008


We're sliding down a slippery slope
Too fast in mind, To slow for HOPE
Slicing into the "Already, I know you"
If you don't believe, come here I'll show you
So easy to fall, still afraid of the crash
Put back together, and ready for the lash
Thoughts running together, almost the same
The SOUL is too tired to play the game
How many times two, three of four
Until we are ready to further explore
This crazy strange connection we've made
That makes us each a little afraid
Both us playing the timid parts
Because of the scar tissue tracing our hearts
Too many times put through the emotional grinder
Then each lonely day became a harsh reminder
That sometimes the only way to fill the heart's hole
Is to find another tired bruised Soul
Patch each other as best you can
Then face the world and take a stand
Agree to be friends and I think only then
Can the healing of our SOULS truly begin
And one day we'll look and finally see
The bright shinning future built by you and me

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Unknown said...

I LOVE this one!

Poetry Sue said...

This one of my pieces inspired by the man I am currently dating. He inspires me at least once a week to write something new... This was the first one he inspired

Unknown said...

WOW! How lucky you are to have inspiration so close and so often. I hope it all works out for you.